BARRY THOMAS GOLDBERG and Gary Paulak started their first band "The Shambles" as teenagers in 1966.  That year they had their first recording session at the legendary Dove Studios in Bloomington, Minnesota. Peter Steinberg and Dale Menten ("Run, Run, Run"), of Candy Floss Productions, were very impressed with Goldberg and Paulak's writing talents and made them partners in the original writing and production team of Candy Floss Productions.

"The Shambles" were signed by ATCO Records and released one single "World War II in Cincinnati" (1967).  Later that year Candy Floss signed a production agreement with Seymour Stein, who was just beginning a new label named Sire Records.  One of Sire Records first releases was written and recorded by the Candy Floss team "The Countess" (Eric Marshal & The Chymes) in 1968.   Candy Floss went on to have many regional hits on major record labels including "Oscar Crunch" (The Nickel Revolution) Mercury Records and the best known , a national  hit "Twenty Years Ago in Speedy's Kitchen"  (T.C. Atlantic) Parrot 1968.  After Candy Floss, Goldberg and Paulak formed their own band "The Batch" with Arne Fogel, Jay Lee and Whip Lane.  Throughout the early seventies "The Batch" recorded two albums worth of material.  But only one record was ever released, "Golden Sun/Hot Summer Nights" (1972).  The band broke up in 1974.  Goldberg began his solo career recording a folk album produced by Michael Yonkers "Misty Flats".

In 1976, Goldberg started a new band - Barry T. Goldberg & the Hwy 52 Band.  They became a popular local favorite and performed from 1976 to 1980.  The band included Bobby Z, who later went on to be Prince's drummer in The Revolution.  The 
Hwy 52 Band played a reunion show December 12, 2010.   

Goldberg left for New York City in 1979 where he recorded an album for Mercury Records (unreleased).  In 1980 he signed with a New York City production company and began recording "When the Night Comes", released in 1983, by Goldberg's newly formed independent record company HIJ Recordings, produced by Cliff Davies (Ted Nugent producer) and Ric Browde (Ted Nugent, Poison, Joan Jett producer).  In 1986, after the release of his third solo album, "Absolute Zero" Goldberg  moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenplay writing career and to study acting under the late famed acting teacher Stella Adler.  

In 1991, Gary Paulak returned from Seattle, Goldberg returned from Los Angeles and they formed a new band called "The Ironweeds" featuring former Batch members and Connie Olson.  The Ironweeds played in Minneapolis and released one album "Dr. Wormwood's Monkey Theater" (1997).  In 2002 Goldberg began recording "Empire Moon" his first solo album in 16 years.  

- Barry Thomas Goldberg "Empire Moon" (2002)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "Cottonwood" (2004)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "American Grotesque" (2005)
-Candy Floss "Lost Music of Mid America"  1967-1969 (2006) 
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "The Last Guitar" (2006)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "Mapleton Memoir" (2007)
-The Batch "Transitor The Lost Basement Recordings" 1968-1971  (2008) 
-The Batch "Wait Til Tomorrow" European Release Vinyl (2008)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "The Creek" -  Digital EP (2008)
-The Batch "Blue Sky Day, Lost Music of MidAmerica " Vol. II  1970-1973  (2009)  
The Ironweeds "Days of Heaven"  (2011)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "Stars in the Sand"  Digital Single (2011)
- Barry Thomas Goldberg "Sorry I Missed You" Digital Album (2011)
Barry Thomas Goldberg & Hwy 52 "Rock 'n' Roll Forever" Digital Single (2011)
Barry Thomas Goldberg  "Hwy 52" Digital Album (2012)

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ROCK N' ROLL TOP SONG CHARTS  - April 20, 2012xt
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Promo Video for the album
 Barry Thomas Goldberg   "Hwy 52"
5.0 out of 5 stars buried treasures and new music, April 4, 2012 
By P. Strickland - Hwy 52 (MP3 Download) 
Goldberg and HWY 52 played in the Twin Cities and around Minnesota during the late 1970's. In the past decade Goldberg has released a handful of ambitious CD's, all worth hearing. This reunion, however, is his first album with his old band to actually see the light of day. The result is worth the 30 year wait. Raw and more or less live, it captures the onstage energy and chemistry of Goldberg and HWY 52. The album contains some of the great tunes they were known for back in the day as well as newer material.( I suggest starting with "Red Moon.")
ADULT ALTERNATIVE  - April 20, 2012
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JULY 28, 2012
Available Now  December 2012 

"a loner folk gem"