New Year's Day 2011 : BARRY'S BLOG-A-TORIAL

New Year's Day 2011

by Barry Thomas Goldberg on 01/01/11

I'll try to blog here at least once a week. It might be something that's on my mind that particular day or it may be a little story that I've written either recently or years ago. Could be about art, music, politics who knows.
The world has totally changed. The physical world has competition from the cyber world for the real  reality.
What is existence?
Recently scientists at NASA have discovered evidence that life can exist anywhere even without carbon.
Life can exist with arsenic replacing carbon in DNA.
Last night, New Year's Eve, many things happened in reality, physical reality. Tragedy and comedy and anything in between.
Last night in cyberspace reality happened too.
2011 is just the beginning of a brave, scared and confident new world.

Barry Thomas Goldberg 1/1/11

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